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Review: Strata Conference Santa Clara 2012: Complete Video Compilation (O’Reilly Media)

I'm not a big fan of conferences although I've attended some, even presented at some in the international e-learning circuit. Strata, however always make me consider applying for a US visa - hint: Strata is just hitting London this October. Videos from Strata 2011 was already featured in this blog as they condensed such wit and knowledge with good presentation that I believe it's a must to consume them for any serious data nerd. This video product is not perfect - see my struggle with talking head videos before -, yes, in general it would make more sense to show the overhead projection in a big and the talking head in a small crop, but the Strata 2012 video compilation is actually more than you can handle and I'm not just talking about the 106 hours equaling gigabytes of MP4 movies. Yes, if you lurk around Youtube, you can find some of the best presentations out there, for free, but this product also contains the materials of the workshops that you definitely shouldn't miss. Please find below three of my favourite presentations from Avinash Kaushnik, Ben Goldacre and Jeremy Howard.

Check for yourself at O'Reilly.

Score: 5 of 5.

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